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The facts speak for themselves: It's bean! it's all the best in yogurt, but without the milk! So, we have local ingredients, lots of protein, calcium and live bacteria cultures. And do you know what we don't have? We are allergen free - so no gluten, soy, nuts or lactose!

That's why we say It’s bean! is perfect for everyone. Would you like to order our product and see for yourself how it tastes? We invite you to our on-line shop.

Something for you!

What they say about us?

“As an athlete, I pay attention primarily to the composition of the product, but it must be combined with good taste. I just found these two things in it's bean!”

Adrian - athlete

“You won't find anything as delicious and vegan.”

Łukasz - civil servant

“Thanks to this deliciousness, I have a lot of energy for an active day. Plus, it's vege and eco-packaged. I don't need anything more - I just love it!!!”

Ola - dancer and choreographer

“Yoghurts It’s bean! They have stolen the hearts and stomachs of our whole family. We love them!!!”

Basia - nurse, mom


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Who are we?

We have worked as dietitians for years, specialized in vegetarian diets. We are well aware of how difficult it is to eat protein-rich vegan diet without spending long hours in the kitchen.

On the market of vegan yogurts there was nothing we could really recommend to our patients or would like to eat ourselves. Most often there were just 2 options available: soy or coconut-based. Soy is overused in plant-based products and coconut, from dietary standpoint provides mostly fat and no protein. We wanted to create something completely different - local and valuable in terms of nutrition. Something that can be a healthy snack or the base for a quick and balanced meal. That's how It's bean! came to be! - bean yogurts.

Who are we?

We are open to new collaborations.

We'd love to talk about your ideas. Fell free to contact us:

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